George Hill Wines – Loughborough

George Hill have been established in the town of Loughborough for over one hundred years, we were honoured to help them take there first steps towards the age of the internet.

Initially George Hill wanted is to create an App to help them on wine tasting nights. The App would help customers order wine through the App on the night avoiding order processing and the potential for miss read order forms.

After looking at the pro’s and cons we decided to do away with the idea of a dedicated App due to the fact the cost of creating two Apps (IOS and Android) to suit all clients and instead opted for a mobile based (Or Responsive) website.

We would optimise the products to load quickly and be simple to order with as little as one click.

We are delighted to say that the website was a success on its first tasting night, with their customers saying how simple it was to use.

Another hidden benefit of the site, and perhaps its most beneficial is that the stock on the site was synchronised with stock from within George Hills Sage accounting and invoicing software.

Our website fetches a updated stock list complete with descriptions and images and when an order is placed, sends an order back to the Sage system in the office – adjusting stock levels at the same time.

We could incorporate this system with a multitude of products and services, if your interested in a product like this please feel free to call us.